MySpace - A Place for Sketchy Friends

Web is abuzz with the Myspace Acquisition (SiliconBeat,SearchViews,Marc)

What percernt of MySpace’s pageviews is from non-monetizable content? Ie “models”, “adult entertainment professionals” and “others”? While positioned carefully as a “music” affinity destination, a large percent of MySpace’s traffic seems a little “sketchy” to me. Dont have anything quantitative, but go ahead and surf around, its certainly not a PG-13 kid of place (much less PG). Quite a stiff price to pay for the offline equivalent of Broadway & Columbus in SF. (ie kinda hip, kinda seedy, lots of traffic).

For the bankers out there. . . 12% premium seem kinda low doesnt it? Compared to of 20% premium. I would guess that the drop in premium is a potential sign that sellers are eager to sell and KNOWS their stock is over valued. When insiders sell, the bubble might be just around the corner. The question I have is how the VC’s plan to liquidate their MySpace stocks? Murdoch didnt buy Intermix just to spinout MySpace for an IPO.

EDIT: Bill Burnham just answered my liquidation issue. Great analysis, scary smart deal structuring by both firms which should scare any entrepreneur sitting the table across from either of these firms.